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8 Mar 2018

Women In Manufacturing - Stepping Up To Make An Impact That Matters.

Women in manufacturing are seeing positive changes in the industry’s attitude towards recruiting, retaining, and advancing women over the last five years, but we are not done yet. Explore the role of manufacturing firms and industry ambassadors in fostering a community of women in manufacturing.

27 Jan 2018

Break Through With Blockchain - How Can Financial Institutions Leverage A Powerful Technology?

Blockchain has been poised to disrupt financial services. But with the sheer interest and investment by insurers, banks, investment managers, and commercial real estate firms, is blockchain a transformative technology instead of a disruptive force?

27 Jan 2018

Disaggregating The Impact Of Fintech - Brighter Shades Of Disruption.

Traditional financial services firms are confronted with several questions in the face of fintech disruption. How will fintech impact my organization? What can I do prepare for disruption?

27 Jan 2018

Human Capital Trends In Alternative Energy Focusing On People To Sustain Growth.

As the alternative energy sector continues to grow, so will the organizations that support it—both in terms of size and complexity. This poses a challenging set of issues for companies to handle as they design organizations ready to meet their business objectives.

27 Jan 2018

The Derivative Effect - How Financial Services Can Make IoT Technology Pay Off.

Can financial services, which deals mostly with the intangible, benefit from Internet of Things (IoT) technology? Absolutely—and not only from more and better data about clients' physical assets. IoT applications aim to transform finance along with every other sector.

23 Jan 2018

Deloitte Legal’s LMC rounds on Asia markets

Deloitte Legal’s recent global launch of Legal Management Consulting (LMC) follows a deliberate strategy in China to build a new kind of firm consorting with the Deloitte culture, rather than a simple acquisition or alliance, senior lawyers with the firm say.

4 Jan 2018

Cyber Risk In Advanced Manufacturing.

Given its focus on innovation and an increasing reliance on connected products, the manufacturing industry is particularly vulnerable to cyber risks. To assess the landscape, Deloitte and MAPI conducted a cyber risk in advanced manufacturing study. Led by Deloitte’s Center for Industry Insights.

4 Jan 2018

New Insights On Innovation In The Consumer Products Industry.

Consumer product companies face ongoing challenges from slowing industry growth to declining brand loyalty and the rise of unconventional competitors. While innovation is key for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors, few are creating new, viable business offerings that drive value for their customers and shareholders.

4 Jan 2018

Deciphering Third-Party Business Risk In A Period of Weak Commodity Prices.

Across the oil and gas industry, many companies are buckling under the steep decline in commodity prices. Forty-two companies filed for bankruptcy in 2015. And with oil prices hovering near 10-year lows, that number could potentially quadruple this year.

15 Dec 2017

Making Your Whistleblowing Program In China / Asia Successful - A Deloitte Legal 勤理Survey Report.

Some of the largest frauds the world has seen have been detected by whistleblower tip-offs. Bolstered by this, governments and regulatory bodies are increasingly making it mandatory for companies to provision for whistleblower helplines to help employees voice their concerns on potential fraud and misconduct.

30 Nov 2017

Tech At The Heart Of M&A.

Technology has been integral to M&A success for decades. Today its importance seems to expand with every deal, drawing technology executives increasingly into the center of complex mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

30 Nov 2017

Looking To Improve Earnings Calls? Start With Better Information.

As many organizations close their books, the final numbers are often coming together late in the information production process, giving executives a short time frame—sometimes just 24 hours—to cram for earnings calls.

30 Nov 2017

Clean Rooms And Clean Teams To Accelerate Synergy Capture.

The stakes are high in life sciences mergers and acquisitions (M&A). To justify the record premiums on M&A deals, targets and acquirers need to work together to accelerate synergy capture.

30 Nov 2017

Revenue Synergies In Acquisitions.

Although mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals are fueled by anticipations of revenue growth, successful revenue synergy capture continues to remain elusive. We surveyed more than 300 executives from both large and small public and private companies to find out what it takes to be successful.

19 Oct 2017

Medical Technology M&A - Creating Value Through M&A In The Medical Technology Industry.

Medical technology (MedTech) companies entering into a merger or acquisition should explore common synergy levers and value creation best practices throughout the deal process. Uncover how to start creating value and synergies in MedTech mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

19 Oct 2017

Asset Management M&A: Industry Outlook 2017 And Beyond.

Deteriorating economics, distributor consolidation, the need for new capabilities, and a shifting value chain are combining to set off an accelerated and different round of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the investment management industry.

19 Oct 2017

How Biopharmaceutical Collaborations Are Fueling Biomedical Innovation - Life Sciences Partnering For Progress.

In today's rapidly evolving era of scientific progress and personalized medicine, collaboration across the biopharmaceutical R&D ecosystem has become essential in driving innovation in patient treatment and care.

19 Oct 2017

Benefits Of Robotic Process Automation And Cognitive Intelligence In M&A Next-Generation Tools For Banking Data Conversions.

This report takes a closer look at use cases for how next-generation tools like robotic process automation (RPA) and cognitive intelligence are increasing the efficiency of banking data conversions and accelerating the M&A life cycle.

19 Sep 2017

Demographics Fuelling Asia’s Shifting Balance Of Power.

Demography—the fundamental driver of all economies—is shifting the balance of power in Asia. India's young economy is on the rise, Japan's big budget deficits are being worsened by ageing, and both China and Australia are getting older at a speed that will re-fashion their business landscape.

19 Sep 2017

Asia - Ageing Tigers, Hidden Dragons.

Asia as we know it will rapidly change shape over the coming decade, with demographics set to drive huge changes in growth momentum in our region. Asia’s third wave of growth is set to begin, stirring hidden dragons, while ageing Tigers must face the challenges and opportunities of an older population.